We empower children and teachers in at-risk environments by building resilience and self-efficacy and inspiring Hope and Peace through Education and positive interaction.


  • Over 150 million children are homeless or displaced by conflict and war across the world with little hope for a safe return and better future.

  • ​​These children are becoming more and more isolated and detached from their environment and are being targeted by different kinds of threatening groups (gangs, extremists, child traffickers...).

 ​​"Let us be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi   



What is

Be the Peace

- Be The Hope?

Be the Peace Be the Hope is a universal educational arts integrated program that engages large number of Children/Youth in at-risk environments and aid in healing trauma, regaining hope, exploring strengths, and projecting oneself into a more positive future”.

In order to reinforce the effects of the program, we create bridges between Youth from diverse social and academic background and train the teachers. Then we evaluate the program's impacts with scientific assessments to constantly adapt the curriculum to the needs.

“Be the Peace – Be the Hope” supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and act on:

-        Quality Education
-        Reduced inequalities
-        Sustainable Cities and Communities

What we do: 

Burkina Faso


 We believe that No child and youth should be lost and forgotten

and lack the Hope they need to survive and thrive... 

Calendar of Events

Be the Peace Be the Hope

Upcoming events in 2017

  • French Culture Festival: Once Upon a Hope: March 25-31 
  • French Pavillon (Winter Street Studios) March 2-5
  • Future international missions to be announced 

2016 events 

  • Houston City Hall Tunnel: from November 1 to December 1
  • Harris County Public Libraries: November - December 2016
  • ​Participating schools and community centers: November - December 2016