Electrifying intensity

It is very difficult to find time to reflect or for a release from a traumatic experience when daily necessities like food/water/safety is a concern. Electrifying intensity occur when the kids, through the activity of drawing, are able to release these memories. We begin to experience transformation with the children, the children begin to smile, they are more engaged, their eyes wide open.

United in Peace and Hope

The artwork of the refugee kids and the Houston kids bring together a very visual and colorful vision of Peace and Hope.

5. A place to identify resources/reinforce identity/aspirations/potential

7- A place to unite and sow Hope

1.  A safe and inclusive place where the youth can connect as a community

We are with You

Impressed by the magnitude of the artworks sent to them by Houston’s Youth, many refugee children felt touched and expressed in response their need for peace.

Our Educational and Healing Art Program

Implemented in schools, community centers and in refugee camps

Realities of War Through the Eyes of a Child

2. A place to express/share and deposit the worries/challenges

​4. A place to start healing the worries/challenges (Healing Box Circle and Hope Stones)

​6. A place to be and create together and to receive & give Hope


On the very last day of the program, we join in with the children in a large circle of Hope. In the middle of the circle, our team and the teachers sing out to them the song that we created together called “You are the Hope". The song was written in collaboration with the teachers

Deep in Thought

By transitioning from drawing about painful memories to hopeful thoughts, the process gives children space to express their emotional responses in creative ways.

--> Hopeful Thoughts

Be the Peace - Be the Hope has a unique and sustainable curriculum that:

•Creates bridges of communication between children and communities

•Enhances social and emotional learning, resilience and social connectedness for children at risk and living challenging situations

•Increases self-efficacy through leadership, skill development and mindmapping leading to project planning and implementation.

Please see below some visuals about our unique curriculum process (this curriculum is protected by copyright but meant to be shared so if you are interested in knowing more about it please contact us ).

3. A place to start transitioning from the “storm” to a more “peaceful climate”