Agha Rizwan Ali is a visiting faculty Photojournalism/Photography teacher at various Universities and Institutions of Pakistan. His early childhood-love and passion towards Photography turned him into a Teacher and trainer not just a photographer.

He achieved a great success in 2015, Subject Specialist his Photojournalism Course was approved by the University of Punjab, Pakistan, which is one of the oldest, leading and historical institution of Pakistan and he was permitted to start Pakistan’s first ever “One Year Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism”in the Institute of Communication Studies (PU).

In Pakistan he is the most acknowledged Trainer of Photography and Photojournalism, with an excellent command over composition, Visualization as well. He is the recipient of UNDP Millennium Dynamic Goals Award 2010, “Best Teacher and Trainer Award of the Year 2014 ”by Nikon-Pakistan and many others.

He is the official Trainer of both Nikon-Pakistan and Olympus-Pakistan and also sponsored by Datacolor International.  He was selected and funded by Nikon-Pakistan, and was among Top Ten Pakistani Photographers to cover Masai Mara Wildlife Kenya. 

Agha Rizwan Ali


Naima Hassan

United Nations

Naima Hassan is an active dynamic behavioral sciences expert working towards better mental health by promoting comprehensive mind wellness program and de-stigmatizing through mental health practice and education.

She has extensive experience of practicing Psychological Counseling skills and techniques in disaster and non disaster situation both in national and in international settings from two decades, helping vulnerable people in stressful, traumatic and critical situations to heal trauma and PTSD, and bringing them back to normal life activities. I can utilize my creative skills, knowledge of practicing counseling psychology while providing, developing designing mental health programs and creating satisfactory services for clients/groups/organization in a critical, challenging, competitive and professional organization.

She is experienced in PSS assessment at national and international level, evaluating PS programs, conducting Individual, group & family counseling sessions, support groups, growth groups and social skills, training for Psychosocial Support, Stress Management, Harassment at workplace, Confidence building, Cultural awareness and conflicts resolution.