Joshua Dada, United States

Dada, works for the Houston Symphony and serves as one of the global ambassadors. He has 4 Community Embedded Musicians whose job is to contribute to the program in terms of advocacy, and providing singers and drummers for the workshops. He provides a stage in the lobby of Jones Hall prior to concerts for the children to share their unique voices. He is able to utilize his resources to provide the children with a way to express themselves through music and by using their voices. 

Musarrat Maisha Reza, Singapore

Reza is a 26-year-old is a skeletal muscle biologist. She is the Director for Programme Design and Development (Science). Her mission is to integrate science into their everyday lives She wants kids to utilize science to express themselves and use their talents productively. The focal points of this programme are to develop interest, knowledge, hope, resilience and self-reliance. She plans to develop a science curriculum/programme, integrated with the arts for children. Her programme will be implemented for children including but not limited to Houston, Pakistan, Iraq Egypt, and villages of Bangladesh to empower children with education and teach them the importance of it. 

Our ambassadors are a big part of the reason why we are successful, without them we could not expand and reach children all around the world. This program has reached new levels in places we didn't imagine before. We thank our ambassadors and all the hard work they put into the program.