Once Upon A Hope A literacy development of

Be the Peace – Be the Hope

The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) and French Education Greater Houston (EFGH) decided to join forces to create an exchange of tales/stories between children from Houston and those from several schools in Burkina Faso (including the students from the refugee camps .)

The goal of the project was to continue cultivating an exchange and a bond between the children of the two countries through French and English language while sensitizing the children of Houston to the situation of the children who found refuge in Burkina Faso. In doing so, we encouraged them to keep developing hope, and to use their creativity so that they continue being part of the Be the Peace - Be the Hope exchange and supporting each other. Each class which contributed to the program, followed the same framework. This project requiring a work in writing, was addressed to children of 7-8 years and older, but the younger ones could also take part by producing images that illustrated the tales.