Nour El Assaad is currently the founder & president of No Label NGO; Lebanon’s first anti-bullying non-profit. Dubbed as passionate and well-driven, in 2014 she was selected to represent the World Youth Vision at the United Nations on the topic of Women’s Health & Development.

She has been named as one of the top 10 Lebanese to be proud of in 2014. Aside from her social entrepreneurship, she is a marketing strategist with an experience in analysis, innovation & strategy. Her professional experience included managing the insight & analysis of Domino's Pizza in KSA where the brand operates in 200 stores across the kingdom.

Nour is an advocate of Child Education, Child Empowerment and Mental Health.

Rodrigue Zahr is a Lebanon based director, editor and photographer whose imaginative humanistic style is reflected in the documentation of exceptional events, products and people within his work. Zahr is the production manager and photography director at ELLE Oriental magazine but has worked for national and international firms such as Monocle magazine, LS:N Global, Louis Vuitton, Ladurée Paris, Swedish minister for international development cooperation, Bank Audi, Step Together and many more.  Zahr is known for his discerning journalistic sensibility as well as the high speed with which he delivers projects.
Lived in Venezuela for nearly 15 years, Zahr grew up within a highly creative household alongside brothers in the fashion and textile industries. 

With fluency in 5 languages Rodrigue is inspired by the exceptional and endeavours to tell the stories of those who are both masters and leaders of their art, craft or profession within his own distinct and aesthetically rich visual style.


Rodrigue Zahr

ELLE Oriental

Sally Beydoun is a 24 year old Lebanese American who’s spent her life back and forth between the 2 countries she calls home. Sally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the Lebanese International University in 2017.

Sally was an organizer in TEDxLAU for 4 years before taking on the stage herself and talking about her hijab and why she chooses to wear it.

As part of her social work, Sally enjoys spending time volunteering in the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon and FoodBlessed.

Sally has been part of several initiatives with TEDxLAU and LIU to help raise awareness and help those in need.


Sally Beydoun


Serene A. Dardari

BeFriend Me

Nour El Assaad

No Label NGO

Serene Dardari started her academic path with acquiring a basis in International affairs and refugee studies through her education and volunteer work. Then she completed her second BA in Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University, with an emphasis in theater, film and media communication. 

She is currently working on completing my master's degree in development studies (poverty & inequality) while gaining professional experience. 

She is very involved in social development, she has worked with multiple cases, from home violence, physical disabilities to immigration related trauma, specifically women and children. 

She comes from a diverse background where volunteering and helping those less fortunate is a must in an individual's life. She absolutely loves children! She is interested in creative learning techniques and filling the gap between academia and real life. 

Working with several local and international NGOs and institutions allows her to sustain a strong connection with a variety of humanitarians from all around our globe which also explains her innate drive to work with and for people, especially those who need our help the most.