Farida Salem

Soccer Player

Farida is an Egyptian soccer player, who grew up playing with boys. She started playing when she was 11 years old.

She played semi-professionally around the age of 16, and has fallen in love with the game ever since. The competition drives her towards success, as she continues to battle gender stereotypes and cultural boundaries in her hometown.

She managed to rise against all odds, and will not stop until she is an esteemed professional soccer player who is recognized globally. Though she believes the journey is all that matters, she would do anything to reach the goal we all seek: happiness. Her happiness lies on the field.  

Aside from playing, she is also dedicated to developing the women's game across the world. Whether it happens through means of coaching, teaching, mentoring, or simply inspiring younger generations to pursue soccer as a career, she is all in. She believes in the beautiful game, and is willing to lift all the passionate girls up with her throughout her journey. Because she believes. And you should too!