Curry Glassell is a dynamic producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, and art-loving mother of two who always seeks to promote her personal mission to make everyone feel valued, with every project — and person — she touches. The ambious, engaging Houstonian is propelled by both a substanal talent for
connecting people; as well as a compelling back story, which underpins Curry’s desire to help others experience profound joy in their adult lives, by shifting habitual thinking so they can make more satisfying choices in the future.

Curry also is a facilitator of the Access Bars® which is a relaxing hands-on-body process to create ease with stress and trauma. She started her journey in Houston, Texas in 2001 and continues to use her knowledge to assist others in working through their physical and emotional barriers to express their greatest longings in their lives and careers by releasing trauma, stress and anxiety. She has supported, mentored and trained hundreds of people with private sessions, radio programming, education through lectures and seminars, and visiting at-risk location to bring people closer to consciousness. She has performed Bars internationally in over 4 continents, working with children, men and women, sharing the gift of consciousness. Last year, she worked with Be the Peace – Be the Hope to perform Bars in refugee camps located in Burkina Faso. Continuing her collaboration with Be the Peace – Be the Hope she has travelled to Greece to work with the Syrian Refugee children, helping them with releasing stress and coping with trauma. She truly enjoys helping others learn skills for consciousness, healing, transformation, and fulfillment.

Curry Glassell

Advisor, BTPBTH

​Facilitator, Access Bars