The "Be the Peace - Be the Hope" program invites the youth from our schools and community centers to share a spirit of hope, peace and mutual concern with children in refugee camps. Globally, an estimated 8 million children are living in camps after being separated from home and family without expectations for a safe return.

We respond to this by encouraging children from both worlds to exchange drawings and words of significance combined in an art installation to beautify tents in the camps, educate and inspire hope. The effort will be mirrored in prominent locations around Houston by showcasing a tent replica along with a traveling exhibition documenting the whole process.

Delivered through the powerful medium of art created by children for children, these messages symbolize positive intentions for the future. By cultivating compassion, awareness, and global connection through simple actions, this program expands the youth's collective capacity for dialogue and for uniting forces in order to create the positive change they wish to see in the world, despite disparate situations. 


Many faces, One Hope

Be the Peace – Be the Hope is led and supported by:

1- An international team of educators, therapists, artists, social workers, and community advocates,

2- Decades of combined experience in the educational, healing art, self-development, and community development fields,

3- A collective of prominent Houston and International organizations including NGOs; Cultural Institutions; Community and Artistic non-profits; Private Institutions: IEDA Relief, UNA-USA, Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, Volunteer Houston, FotoFest International, David Lynch Foundation, HISD, CFISD, Harris County Public Library, City of Houston, Innovate At Work, The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences…•

Bridges of Hope


Our Mission


1. Spread the Spirit of Hope:

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2. Raise Awareness:

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3. Behind the Scenes:

   Join our team of volunteers                  (marketing, organization, workshop      facilitator, logistics)

Empower children and teachers in-at risk environment by building resilience and self-efficacy and inspiring Hope and Peace through Education and positive interaction.


  • By building a platform where children can encourage and give Hope to other children who live in more desperate situations (such as refugees) 
  • By providing healing art workshops and create a sense a place where a positive transformation can happen in their lives while they are regaining a sense of Hope
  • By creating a safe and inclusive place where the youth can connect as a community

Who We Are